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Will Post More Crappy and Shitty Picture Soon Enough, Ladies and Gentle Bronies~



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Hello there!
Rex's here! It's been a while since my last appearances or any submitting~Hahaha, sorry bout that, busy with the finals~
But now I'm nearly almost a FREE MAN!YESH!

Not much to say but I will try to submit something good and soon!Hopefully~ if nothing worst occurs to me~
So anyway, I ought to ask since it pretty much hot in Malaysia, is it still Summer over there? Mostly every deviant I known here is from the those 4 season .... um... whether. Or correct me if I wrong but is Halloween near soon? Cus I been meaning to either draw something or make a ych out of it soon since I flat broke! XD AND ALSO URGES TO DRAW SOME DAMN GOOD CHARACTERS IN THE SUMMER RELATED/ HALLOWEEN/BATMAN'S UNIVERSE/ LOL / NAUTILUS GEAR OR COSTUMES!

Anyway, I ought better to start to make some commission soon~
So that's all~
Have a happy day and hope yew all have enough money soon for NEW GAMES/MOVIES/SOMETHING GOOD IN THESE NEARBY YEAR'S END! FALLOUT 4!




In progress:
1) :iconzolistlugia: 40%
2) :iconmatttheumbreon: 30%
3) :iconzolistlugia: 00%

For more Commission Info:


COM-Movie Night! by Rexcalibur25
COM-Movie Night!
Hello there again! Time for another submission!
Like always, its been a pleasure! Hmm, on the related scene, I think I'll be going to see a movie tomorrow too! I wonder which is worth to see, Inside Out? Hitman? Or .... ummm,ahh Pixels? Do tell me but remember NO SPOILERS!

Anyway,moving on, this was commissioned by :iconindominussaur:! Again, he commissioned me to draw his male oc,Lewis the Espeon, and his significant other/ special someone, Sofia the Vulpix, and I believed it was MattTheUmbreon's character for Sofia~ Anyway the setting is obviously that they were going out on a movie date~ Hmmm, I wonder what they are watching...Oh well, I'll leave it up to yer imaginations then~Hehehe, aren't they cute together? Hahaha,LOL!

Also in this commission I can honestly said it have the most hidden corporate advertisement EVER! (Senketsu (Kill la Kill) and Pepsi) 
Like always, I appreciate for those who views, leave a comments or even faves~ Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Picture drawn and coloured by Rexcalibur25 with Paint.NET, n' Clip Studio Paint (newly trained)
Lewis the Espeon belongs to IndominusSaur
Sofia the Vulpixbelongs to MattTheUmbreon
The respected pokemons belongs to Pokemon, Game Freaks ,Nintendo and also for those in this picture belong to their own respected company~
Thank you for yew time~
COM-SELFIE! by Rexcalibur25
Hello there again! Rex's here! Submitting from mah night shift~ Wish me luck!
Like always, sorry for delaying this!
Anyway, hope yew all will enjoy this!


So anyway, this was commissioned by :iconblackykyurem: 
He commissioned me to draw these two taking a selfie in a wooden lodge (Obviously,... well maybe, but the bg's not so much...)Heh, glad to see some fire-elemented pokemon enjoy the surrounding of it's prey and it's doom~ and also a legendary pokemon enjoy being normal for once!Hah, I enjoy completing this commission!

Heh,make me wish that one day I will felt and enjoy the feeling of paying intensively expensive trip to go snowy vacation only to sleep and cuddly myself in the hot warm blanket hoping for the current temperature I'm now suffocating with instead of the experience that cold fuzy feeling that I couldn't have here in Malaysia...hahaha~what a way to enjoy a relaxing yet costly vacation~

In the end, I imagined that they have a great time there and so too to all of yers for those who see this, comments or even faves this~
Thank you! and enjoy yer last weeks of summer!.. If it's still summer....

Picture drawn and coloured by Rexcalibur25 with Paint.NET, n' Clip Studio Paint (newly trained)
Charizard and Zekrom belongs to Pokemon, Nintendo, Gamefreaks and etc~
Comments and Faves are appreciated, and Thank you for yew time~


Just Call Me Rex,m'kay?
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Guess you'll could said that I'm already a diploma student of graphic design however I'm still learning and aiming to sharpen my art skills!

However I'm always good at making plots of a stories ( I GUESS...) and the only thing I can say is that I somewhat good at using Paint.Net since I had used it for a very long time now...

That's all for now~
Now the I must go~
The World Need My Epic!

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